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Acting as the National Development Finance Agency (NDFA), the NTMA provides financial advice to State authorities in respect of those public investment projects which are referred to it, with a capital value over €75million. The NDFA may also provide financial advice to State authorities on certain projects below this threshold. In this role the NDFA advises State authorities on the optimal financing of public investment projects in order to achieve value for money.

The NDFA also procures and delivers Public Private Partnership (PPP) projects as requested by State authorities (with certain exceptions such as Transport Infrastructure Ireland). In this role the NDFA is responsible for delivering, in a sustainable manner, a project referred to it, and for handing it over to the relevant sponsoring body after construction is complete and the asset is operational.

In addition the NDFA provides contract management and support services in respect of the operation and maintenance of certain existing PPP facilities, and directly procures certain Exchequer-funded projects on behalf of the Department of Education.